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As a small boy Steven Paul attended "Westport Presbyterian Church" as well as "All Saints Episcopal Church", both in Kansas City.  But he actually accepted Christ as both His Lord and Savior outside the church after a neighborhood friend took the time to share the Gospel with him.  One night his friend handed him a 4 spiritual laws booklet and from the quiet of his own bedroom Steven made the most important decision of his life at the tender age of 15.

Even as a teenager Steven knew God had a call on his life and got involved in "Young Life" and in High School became a leader of the Junior High group.  After graduation he went on to attend "Christ for the Nation's Bible School" in Dallas, Texas.  Over the years he has ministered by message and through his music in various venues.  

In 2006/2007 God called him into a position to be instrumental in bringing the Body of Christ together in oneness, being the answer to Jesus prayer in John 17.  Through God's leading he found 3.5 acres off Chipman Road on Commerce in Lee's Summit, Missouri.  He purchased the land and then over the next 2 years general contracted a 15,500 sq ft building.  He named the organization and the building, "Center for God, Family and Country" and it was considered a Christian Community Center where all churches were to come together and join hands in oneness.  He was the director of the community center and was the pastor of "The Cross Church" that held services in the building on Sunday mornings.   Over a 3 year period various events were held in the facility to help bring unity amongst Christians and churches in the area.   Many peoples lives were transformed but God's heart for oneness in the city was never accomplished and after years of very hard labor in December 2011 we lost the building. 

Through this disheartening experience Steven was given a much needed revelation on what is actually going on in many of the churches in America.  He was given the specific answers as to what God is wanting to do to bring His Body into the perfect bond of unity, and this oneness Jesus prayed for in John 17 is the answer to revival in America.  God reminded him of the phrase, "United we stand, Divided we fall".  To view some of the revelation passed down to Steven through the Holy Spirit and a dear friend, Bob Bledsoe click here.

Through God's leading he is now going city to city meeting with leaders and pastors and organizing One Nation Under God Restoration Rallies across America.  Through the Biblical message and music lives are being transformed and walls that divide denominations are coming down city by city.  Steven Paul believes one day soon we will see rallies where over one million Christians are in attendance just as we see with Reinhard Bonnke in Africa.  We are family.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ, and it's time we begin loving each other as brothers and sisters do.  

Steven Paul has the heart to be the answer to Jesus prayer in John 17.  Join with him as we finally become one just as the Father and Son are one.  When we are walking in the perfect bond of unity the people in America will begin to run to God and not from Him as they are doing now, and we will once again be "One Nation Under God".